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Water System at Keith's House

UPDATE: The job has been completed. Thanks to everyone who contacted me. Come back there may be additional jobs in the weeks to come.

Finished pictures are at the bottom.

I have a problem that requires help from a person good at fixing things, or more likely a plumber of some sort.

There is an old water system attached to my house that has PVC pipe that started leaking over the weekend. I would like to have this system taken out of the loop, and just have water coming into the house without this old system as a go between. Please look at the pictures for reference to what I am talking about. I am interested in taking bids to get this job hired out. Please contact me with your expected labor costs for this job. Also either let me know if your price includes parts (pvc pipe) or if not what additional cost you expect. The lowest price may not get the job. I am hoping to be convinced that the right person for the job has done work like this before and has the credentials to complete the work.

Water System 2 at Keiths

water system 3 at Keiths

water system 4 at keiths

I look forward to hearing from you. Let me know what you would charge me and when you would be able to do the work.




UPDATE! – Some early responses: These are in addition to some of the comments below.

  • I can. Do. Job call me 727510**** Rick 30. Yr as a plumber‏
  • Hello,


    I am a State Certified Plumbing contractor and fully insured. I saw your ad on cl with your pics and I can remove the existing water softner system and proper disposal and tie 2 water  lines back together without installing new softner.


    Total price L + M = $180.00


    Let me know if you are interested I can complete this for you tues morn between 9 – 11. 
  • I can do job for 75$‏
  • Hello,

       well first that pipe is copper not all pvc wich means you need a plumber to solder the pipe or at least someone with some exp.

      My name is Jim I have been a residential plumber for 22 years and do a+ work I will remove the softner system and re-loop the main lines for you and I will supply all parts     Copper fittings and pipe and solder for $100.00 NO HIGHER OR LOWER AND NO BS OR EXTRA CHARGES I have literaly hundreds of work performed references and can do it Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning . if interested please call


  • If you have not yet found someone,I am a licensed plumber,I work full time with a St Pete company.I will furnish All materials…complete the job correctly and to your satisfaction for 165.00.     Ken
  • My name is Randy ,I am a plumber by trade and I would like to be considered for the removal job.I dont think it would be a problem to take it out and cap the pipes.It shouldnt take long to decide  on the best way to reroute around it. I think 50$ is fair plus materials.

    the water system is gone


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