Keith’s House Minus One Hot Tub

Keiths old hot tubBack in the summer of 2007 when I moved into the house I currently live in there was what looked like a fantastic feature sitting out on the back screened in patio. There was this huge hot tub that was encased in a very nice looking sort of decking. When I bought the house the jets were all working and when running it looked like something that I was going to enjoy.

Then I moved in. Before I was able to try the water for the first time I noticed that there was water leaking. So I found a local spa repair company and had them come out to fix the situation. They guy came out and had to drain the tub, replace a bulb and the casing the held the bulb. For good measure he also sealed up everything that was under the water line. The whole thing cost a few hundred bucks and I was left to re-fill the tub and to learn how to do the chemicals.

For whatever reason it was about 3-4 months before I got everything going pretty well. The jets worked, there was no leaking, and the water seemed like it was safe to be in. A week or so later it was the big day. I was going to try the spa and enjoy this perk to the new house for the first time. I started it all up and waited for the water to get hot. Not really a surprise the gas heater was either out of gas or not working.

I decided to shelve the whole think for a bit because I was interested in spending on other things at the time. I did not know what I missing so it was fine with me to put off giving money to the spa repair men for awhile.

So after a few weeks for the hell of it I decided to see the jets going in the spa. I go out, and of course the heater not working is no longer my problem because now the entire thing would not turn on. I called the spa repair guys and told them that the spa would not turn on and that the heater was on the fritz. So they come out take a look at it all and between the on/off thing and getting a new heater installed it was going to be more than a few hundred dollars.

Over time I decided that I was going to just get rid of the the hot tub and open up the back patio. The first thing i did was place an ad on Craig’s List offering to give it away for free to whoever would take it away.  I got some responses and even a couple of people came out to look at it. The consensus seemed to be that with the age of pump, heater, and all that even for free it was not worth effort.

After posting looking for someone to remove that old water softener system I found a guy that did the job for a very fair price and did the job well. At least I thought the work was done well. I showed him the hot tub and that I was interested in the whole thing being gone. A day or two later he called me up, gave me a price and I accepted. Just today he came out with a friend of his and they set to work. The job required removing the decking, removing the PVC piping, removing the electronics, and of course getting the whole tub out of the screened in patio. They did the work and now the whole the patio is an open floor. Here are the pictures that show the process from the start, middle, to the end.

Hot Tub at keiths

keiths hot tub half gone

keiths hot tub half gone 2

Keiths hot tub is gone

keiths hot tub gone 2

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