A Bit About Technical SEO

When considering the deployment of many different SEO tactics when publishing a website there are some, more than others, that must be understood. To have any chance for a website’s pages to rank in the search engines, the search engines must be able to

Mackenzie With A Stick

Golden Retriever Playing in the Back Yard The other day I was able to come home from lunch. I get to do that for about another 10 months or so. that is when my company is moving to a different location. It might get

How To Optimize Meta Descriptions for More Traffic

Many who publish websites either forget or do not spend the time to write effective meta descriptions. This is a very big mistake. Well optimized meta descriptions can have a noticeable impact on the amount of traffic that the sites you publish, that rank

Guest Post Link Building Under Fire

There is one thing that Google is just about the best at. I am not talking about returning search results that are the best most relevant for any query that you can think of. Nope. What Google is best at is scaring the living

My Top 3 Take Aways from SMX Advanced 2013

For those that make a living providing SEO the pursuit of the next best practice or the next tip that will help increase traffic is an everyday pursuit. From the days of stuffing the meta keywords attribute to the days of building links through

SEO Tips Starting a New Site – Intro to SEO Series

First you should read a disclaimer regarding the publishing of a new website. If you have any marketing or start up budget you should consider hiring an experienced SEO person to help develop your new site’s strategy. I get it. Even large companies investing

I Want to Blog About SEO

I have been providing SEO services to many sites with success for about five years. I have increased organic traffic to both small sites and to enterprise. I have tested on page SEO strategies and I have done more than a few best practice

Facebook Graph Search First Impression

Today Facebook turned on my ability to start beta testing their new Graph Search. If you are interested in getting the graph search turned on for your Facebook account you can go to this link to get on the waiting list. Because of my

LA Fitness Sucks – Do Not Join

I really should learn that joining gyms such as LA Fitness comes with financial risk. Over a decade ago I had to pay an attorney a couple hundred dollars to get extracted from a Bally’s contract. Now years later I have been taught how