Top 3 Must Optimize Fields – Intro to SEO Series

Of course there are, depending on the size of your website hundreds of on page and off page optimizations that should be made to help you increase your visitors from search engines. As I mentioned in the post Why I Want to 


Blog About SEO these intro series posts are meant for beginners. For this post I am going to list the three most important fields that you must make sure to optimize on every page your blog or website.

First, here is my standard disclaimer for these Intro to SEO Series postings. The SEO strategy and implementation for your website should be provided by an experienced SEO professional. Like most anything else if you are willing to spend the hours to learn new skills you can do enough SEO to get your site started. Either at the start or later on you will want some experienced help and I would suggest doing it sooner rather than later. In the meantime, forget all that and take a look at these, the 3 most important fields to optimize.

Top 3 Fields for SEO

  1. The Page Title

  2. The H1 Page Header

  3. The Meta Description

Optimizing the Page Title

A title tag is the main text that describes each of  the pages on your website. Most of the SEO people I have ever met pretty much agree that this is the most important field for optimization. This is the primary field that informs the search engines what the subject of a webpage is. In addition this is the field that most of the time will be used in search results for the text that links to your website. All of this means that it is critical to use words for the page title that will be both the expected search terms you would like to bring traffic to the page, but they must also be words that might prompt a person to choose your site in the search results.

[important]The most common formats for a page title that you will see are:

Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name


Brand Name | Primary Keyword and Secondary Keyword[/important]

Optimizing the H1 Page Header

There is some debate regarding the importance of the H1 Header or Headline depending on who you speak with. I have seen convincing reporting to indicate that the headline or header on your page  is still important. Make sure to use to only use one H1 tag per page and to use the most highly valued keywords optimized for the page.

Optimizing the Meta Description

Be aware that the meta description is not for increasing inbound traffic from search engines due to increased search results. The meta description is sort of like ad copy to convince people that your page is worth visiting. The meta description is very often used by Google and other search engines as the snippet of text describing each page listed. Attempt to optimize the meta description with the primary keywords relating to the content on the page as well as an action word or two. Ask people to click, review, check out or read your webpage.

I can assure you that if you improve the optimization of these three fields that you will increase your website’s inbound traffic. SEO is getting harder every day. Google making changes and your competition is getting smarter. Good luck learning how to optimize these fields.

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