Got a Message from Google Webmaster

webmaster direct message informationFor those that work in the world of internet marketing or SEO you are familiar with a tool provided for free from Google called Google Webmaster. For those that are not familiar let me provide a brief over view regarding some of the information that a person can learn about their website from using this free tool.

In no particular order of importance a person can learn what search terms people are using to find their website over the last 30 days. These terms are also broken down in charts to show the website owner where their site ranks in the search results for each term. One of the nicer bits of information gotten from Webmaster is learning which sites Google has made note of that link to your website. For those not in the know in regards to SEO this is arguably the number one or number two most important factors that will dictate if a site is successful or unsuccessful one.

There are other more technical reports provided such as crawl errors, html errors, and other areas of a website that might be “broken”. This is the part of the story in which I tell you that in my experience most of the time that Google has sent me a direct message in Webmaster Tools it has usually been to warn me that something is not right. For example I have been playing with a file called robots.txt  to try to limit the files on my sites that search engines and other crawlers will index. Google has warned me when I have blocked parts of my website that it expects to be able to find when it crawls my site. In general if I see I got a message from Google it has usually meant that I had a problem that was going to need fixing.

Today I Got a Great Message from Google

This morning as I usually do I was going through my different web sites, their analytics, and webmaster reports to see if there were any problems. As I opened the Webmaster Tools there was an indicator saying that I had a new message. Unlike every other time however this time when I opened the message I got some great news. Google had seen fit to let me know that one of my websites had increased in search traffic recently! Not that I was not aware of my site’s traffic, and I didn’t really need Google to let me know, but I thought it was a really great way to start a day. I think that when there is good news Google should make a habit of sending an email to site owners. Here is a screen shot from the message I got.


a good news message from google websmater


As you can see from the image above it is not like Google got all verbose in telling me how great I am or how great my website is. Still based on a post I published just a couple days ago about starting to do niche internet marketing I though that the timing of this message was perfect. Now I am full of new enthusiasm to get back to work doing the SEO that needs to be done on all my sites. Who knows, maybe I can get another message from Google like this again. Maybe I can really get to like Google.

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