Father’s Day 2012 Thoughts

Keith Fraley's Dad - Bernard Fraley

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When growing up impressions of your parents are built up and a sort of narrative begins to develop. This is a very short post because in general I am not in the habit of publishing close friend or family information on a public blog. It is fine to most of the time mention family or friends but I try not to go over some sort of imaginary line that separates private from public. For the purposes of this father’s day I thought that I might just mention a few things that my dad taught me through the years.

Of course a good many things that a child learns is in part provided by everyone that they come into contact with. Just because this post attributes the following lessons to have come from my father it is true that there were many people that went into all the lessons that I have learned.


Lessons from Dad:

  • To think through philosophical questions from more than one view point. Many nights as a kid my father would spend time discussing politics, religion, philosophy and other life questions with me. Not important was him being right, or me being right about specific questions. What was important was that I learned to think through deep ideas from multiple viewpoints.
  • To work hard and to treat both customers and employees fair. Through my father’s career there were up and down times. It is my belief that during the low times things did not get as low as they could have because of the reputation he had developed. Being an honest person, and building a reputation as a hard worker will pay later in life even if it isn’t paying today.
  • Life is not just about career. Developing interests in reading, arts, music or other things can help improve a quality of life. While I have never been able to tap into a personal talent for music, drawing, sculpting or most any other type of creative art, I do have an interest.
  • I learned to enjoy fishing. Well I can not claim that Dad was a great fisherman. Most times we went fishing it was a good day if a small stringer of small fish happened. So while I may not be a great outdoors man I can bait a hook, tie a fishing knot, and if need untangle a birds nest of string around a reel.

So, that is a just a few of the more generic topics that occurred to me tonight. There are many more specifc things that come to mind, but those are for me and Dad. I feel sorry for people who did not have fathers that loved them. Fathers that were absent, or worse fathers that didn’t like their kids. We know it is possible to love a person, but not really like them that much. I was lucky.

Happy Father’s day to my dad, and to all the dads out there that are good men.

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