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onkyo hdmi video audio out of sync

Onkyo Receiver Update:

Now a couple years later I had a problem in that my Onkyo receiver stopped producing and sound at all. Go check out my post about how to fix an Onkyo receiver here.

Original post about how to fix the video sound out of sync issue:

Watching the lips moving and not matching the sound when I was watching movies played through my blue ray player was driving me crazy. After looking into it a bit I learned that the problem is common with today’s home theater systems. Turns out that there was a good deal of writing online about systems in which the audio soundtrack is slightly ahead of the video image when watching high definition programs on a HDTV. The way that most people notice this problem is when there is a close up on the faces of people speaking. It sort of looks like one of those audio dubbed Kung Fu movies that have had a translated audio track layered on top of the original audio.

The reason for this syncing issue can be explained in the same way that you see lightning before you hear the thunder. Buying higher quality HD equipment made this problem more noticeable from the previous television that I had. High definition video takes up way more space and even takes longer to process than standard resolution video does. Because of this my Onkyo TX-NR609 receiver which does a lot of video processing to the incoming signal made the audio video syncing problem very noticeable. For people with receivers like mine that also can upscale standard resolution to 720p, 1080i, or 1080p the difference between when people’s mouths are moving and the sound coming from the speakers becomes unbearable to live with.

Fixing the Syncing of the Audio and Video:

My Onkyo receiver like other new receivers on the market today that handle HDMI video signals have settings that let you fix this audio video disconnect. From what I have read there are different names these settings go by depending on which receiver that you have. On my receiver it is called the “lip sync” setting, but others go by names like “audio delay” or “audio sync”. These auto settings are supposed to slow down the audio signal so that the weird dubbing look of the video is diminished. Maybe for other people the auto settings are enough to sync up the audio. For me it did not work.

Since the auto lip syncing feature didn’t completely eliminate the video from running being the audio I had to go into the manual settings to make additional adjustments. These adjustments are made in 10ms increments which to be sure do not sound like that much time, but for the purposes of syncing video and audio can be more than enough. For the Onkyo TX-NR609 using the remote control I hit the settings button to bring up the on screen display. From the initial Menu I selected the Source setup option, then selecting the A/V Sync option I got to the location where I can slow down the audio in 10ms increments. The Onkyo receiver allows me to move the audio back by up to 800m seconds but that is way more than was needed. For me the 50ms setting was perfect to match up with the movies playing from my Blue Ray player.

There are still probably about 20-25 settings available with my receiver that I still have to learn about. The Audyssey audio settings, the image settings and all the play back settings are difficult to work through. At least now I have the video and the audio synced up.


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